San Sebastian Parks and gardens

Green areas of the city that are a real example of their sustainability



Located next to the building Tabakalera, near North Station, with its 94,960 meters square, Cristina Enea is the perfect place to unwind from the hustle of the city without leaving it.

Its exotic trees, providing romance swans and peacocks that inhabit it, the architecture of the central building, remind us that this park was an oasis of peace, a gift made ​​to the Duke of Mandas to his wife. The design of the park was made by Pierre Ducasse, author of Miramar Palace gardens and the Plaza de Gipuzkoa

pavo-real-parque-cristina-enea-san-sebastianFind peacocks Downtown San Sebastian is possible!

Visit the RESOURCE CENTER ENVIRONMENTAL at the Cristina Enea Park



With spectacular views over the bay of La Concha, Miramar Park is a must in all walks along the coast of San Sebastián.

palacio-de-miramar-san-sebastianMiramar palace

Governed by a spectacular palace inspired by english cottage was devised by Selden Wornum, Miramar gardens slope gently towards the sea, between gravel paths and flower-plots.



Noble and majestic. So Aiete Park. Located on one of the hills surrounding the city, known for its impressive gardens and, of course, for his palace.
Its walls witnessed the comings and goings of aristocratic characters as Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria of England, Queen Maria Cristina, Alfonso XIII who chose the palace as a summer residence. Today, however, is about to become a cultural center full of creative activity.
The gardens, designed by Pierre Ducasse, hidden ponds full of romanticism that help visitors to unwind from everyday reality.

Casa-Paz-san-sebastianLa Casa de la Paz

The newly opened Casa de la Paz,
located in Aiete Park, has among its
objectives’ To educate for peace,
strengthen the human dimension in our
rebuild relationships and coexistence ‘.

Learn more about La Casa de la Paz



This park, located in the mountains between Otxoki park on one side and the Loyola district, is the most significant element remains of an old fort of the nineteenth century Carlist wars.
Characterized by extensive hardwood forests and wide meadows, will soon be reorganized to enable new entrances to the park, walking areas and games. It will be the largest urban park in San Sebastián.

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